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Goofy K cosplay Pics FanExpo 2012

A little late for this but what the hay XD!!
My (I'd like to think) improved K cosplay since a few years ago with a really shitty wig!
This time I found an AMAZING K wig and damn YES!

And I must brag that this K had TWO Hiroshi's to play with. *nosebleeds and dies....*


Cosplay Pics!Collapse )

King Teddy's and Warrior K's

Some strange and different art from me. First is Mr. K from Gravitation in warrior mode and a different digital painting style for me. This took over a week's worth of time in total, but I worked on this off and on over the last year. Originally I drew the pic back in 2005. 

The second is a pic of King Bradley from Full Metal Alchemist. This is just a goofy funny pic of him in his PJ's (Which are canon btw!! LOL) from the 2003 version of FMA. Threw in the teddy bear for some fun. It's wearing the Fuhrer's eye patch! Lulz! 

You'll have to click on the pics to see the larger image.



Don't Cry Byakuya...

I finally finished colouring my sad Byakuya pic. I know, it's pathetic that I drew him with the emotions I felt he'd have after reading 501.

Still haven't found the nerve to read 502 yet. I can't handle anymore sadness... maybe I'll come back to it later. Bleach has been an incredible ride for me. But this last arc is just too off-side right now, even for me! XD! It just hurts...

I know that it can't be easy for a mangaka, trying to make all their fans satisfied and happy, but I think what hurts the fans so much is the fact that they've invested so much time and emotions as they grew with the characters. And to suddenly eliminate any of these characters damn well hurts!!!!! Suddenly everything we love, if you are a fan of Byakuya... is gone.

Coloured Byakuya


A Sad Day...

I felt compelled to sketch Byakuya in a sad mode. I think I will colour this soon. 

crying byakuya


Bleached Orochimaru

Ok, so, I think I've become a little obsessed with the evil villain Orochimaru lulz! But I HAD to see him in Bleach shinigami garb :P Well, sorta, since he's not exactly in much of it HAHA! But I'm really happy with this sketch! Took about 4 hours. I believe if he were to be a captain, he'd be head of the 12th! ^_~ One mad scientist for another.

ByaxIchigo Valentine Pic

My contribution to Valentine's Day XD!

I went with Ichigo's long hair look ^^ It's not perfect but I'm happy with it lol! It brings me fangirly joy XD! Took me 12 hours to colour this *ish ded* I fail with hair. And yes, I know I messed up their heights. I had it in my head that Ichigo was taller for some reason *fail* What a bad fangirl I am! ^^;;

Be My ValentineCollapse )

Art Dump

I can actually say I have enough arts to make an art dump post! XD! It's been a long time since I was driven to draw again, and perhaps it's because of my new tablet. *huggles it* I don't think I could live without this thing now! I admit I was reluctant to draw with my mouse and right hand...it wasn't comfortable.

My next goal is to draw Byakuya--for some reason he intimidates me to draw him! It's soo silly XD!  And I want to do more K and Hiro! <3

I did all these drawings for friends ^^ They inspired me to be creative again... love to them all!

Tohma Seguchi Sketch

Kakashi Sketch

Orochimaru Licking Kakashi's Ear

Orochimaru Licking Kakashi Ear (coloured)

What a tongue! :P Orochimaru Drawing

I just love Orochimaru! He's kinda bad-guy sexy *purr* And I love this scene where he meets up with Sarutobi-sensei! He's so insane, psychotic - evil! I just had to draw his crazy face XD! I referenced this pic from the show, sketched it(I ran out of paper space), scanned it, made my own lineart and coloured it. I added a few of my own touches... har har.

Just wanted to see if I could draw him in the same anime likeness, using cell-shading etc. And I wanted to get used to my new tablet, I never used a tablet before and it was MUCH better than working with a mouse.

The lineart for this

My sketch in pencil before I made lineart of it


A Happy Holidays!

I know I don't post much on my journal. Mostly, I post when I have something cool to share like art or fanfics etc. But even then I just haven't had a lot of time to delve into my creativity and do much of either. But I do have something cool I want to share. I have this amazingly talented friend that made me one of the most awesome Xmas presents EVAR!

She's a fangirl like I am, and this year she made me a ceramic plate with Byakuya on it, and a little dish with the Division 6 on it and a tiny pin with Division 6's camellia on it. It's beautiful and I will cherish it always <3

Division 6 Plate


I hope everyone had a great Xmas, I hope you all got some cool goodies, too!